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High/Low allows you to choose if the asset will be "higher" or "lower" than the purchase price at finishing time. If your selection is "higher" and your trade finishes "higher", then you will see some money rolling in. If you choose "higher" and your trade finishes "lower", you won't be able to profit.

One Touch

When using One Touch option, you need to predict if the price of selected asset is going to reach(touch) or not reach(no touch) the target price. If you selected Touch and your asset reached the target price just one time before the expiry time, then you win. If your choice is No Touch, then you better pray hard that the chosen asset won't reach the target price until the contract ends.

No Touch

No Touch means that you will gain profit if the price of the asset did not reach/touch the selected level within the set timeframe. No Touch consists of two types of contracts. First one is "UP" and it means the price barrier for "Strike" is going to reach over the current price of the asset on the chart. The other one is "DOWN", meaning the price barrier is going to go lower the current price of the asset on the chart. Upon conducting the contract, the price of the asset shouldn't touch "Strike" before the expiry time.

Range /Boundary

The Range option allows you to decide whether the price of an asset is going to stay "Inside" or "Outside" within the set price range at finishing time. If you choose Inside, and your asset price stays inside the upper and lower limits, then you will gain profit. And if  your asset price ends up outside the upper or lower limit, then you get zero.


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