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Binary Option Free Bonuses - Option Binary Net
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Today, it is hard to find binary options broker that does not offer any bonus. More than 90% of platforms will try to get your attention by offering bonus on your first deposit, and  sometimes even on your following 3 or 4 deposits as well. Some brokers offer daily, weekly, monthly and seasonal promotions as well. Some offer bonuses when the market is volatile. If you want to take advantage of bonuses, you should check your broker's homepage time to time, or have them send you bonus reminder emails.


Two Types of Bonuses

Usually, there are two kinds of bonuses. One is known as a cash bonus, which can be used instantly, and the other one is known as pending bonus which can be used only when a certain amount is traded. Before making any deposit, you should see if the bonuses offered by the brokers are satisfactory, and their terms and conditions are reasonable for you. Let us guide you through some of the most common bonuses being offered by brokers today.


Cash Bonus

can be very attractive to most of the traders as most of the time, this bonus can match up to 100%. However, with this kind of bonus, there will be a bonus requirement, meaning you cannot just withdraw your winnings. You will have to trade specific amount of volume in order to cash out. Usually, it's around 30 to 35 times the bonus in volume traded. There are brokers requiring much higher amount to be traded for the withdrawal. This is why it is very important to know beforehand what are the terms and conditions of each bonus are,  and understand clearly what you need to do in order to withdraw your winnings. We recommend that you use a cash bonus unless you are planning to have access to the money round the clock. Once you receive the bonus, you cannot escape from its requirement and it can stand in your way if you are not careful.


Pending bonus

is a deposit match bonus and will be usable or you can withdraw this bonus after you've traded the specific amount of volume. Most of the brokers require 30 times the bonus amount and we haven't seen higher requirement yet. Some brokers offer even lower, 15 times.


Again, you need to understand the system, terms and conditions of a pending bonus of each broker before you decide to receive it. The best system we can think of is that you are able to withdraw whenever you wish regardless of your bonus requirement being reached or not, or your account being closed or not. Think if you really need bonus, or which kind of bonus suits you the best before making any deposit.


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