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When it comes to forex trading, you might have to invest more than $10,000 in order to profit properly, thus, investing only $100 will get you nowhere. On the other hand, for binary options trading, you don't have to invest crazy amount of money, although both new and experienced traders will likely to have more chances to profit when investing at least $500.


It is not easy for newbies to be ambitious and invest big amount of money on their first trade, but starting with $500 might seem much more affordable compared to $10,000.  You will be able to make the most of this $500 by learning more about the strategies as you go along, and you have a great chance to have a number of successful trades with this investment.  

It is not easy for those who are still new to the field to agree that the level of profitability gets higher when the amount of investment is higher. You have to keep in mind that the price performance influences binary options trading a lot, and knowing how to use proper indicators and strategies will help you make right decisions in order to profit.


As you gain more experience, you will understand how the amount of your investment make a difference in developing a prediction of profits.


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