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Bullish Strategy PDF Print E-mail

Utilizing a strategy is a smart move if you are planning to make a satisfying amount of profit out of a binary option. It's vital to know what your needs are in order to choose the suitable and operative strategies.These options have the advantageous characteristic that is described as flexibility.

To make the most of these options, you are recommended to first know what you are aiming for, as this helps you make a clear decision when choosing strategies you wish to use. It is important for you to be able to distinguish what is suitable strategy and what is not for your trades. The strategies that are known to be the simplest amongst traders are the bullish strategy and the bearish strategy.


After observing the market with fundamental/technical analysis, and you see that the chosen asset is going to go upwards, then a bullish strategy should be applied. Then based on your prediction, you can select a call option or an above option. Here is a good example: Let's say you observed the technical chart of oil, and you believe that a breakout is going to happen very soon.


Then you witness that the current price of oil is hitting $104 and believe that the market is going to go upwards within a few hours. You noticed that the payout on oil options are hitting 80% at your broker, then what you want to use is a bullish strategy by choosing a $1000 call contract with 30 min expiry. If you predicted correctly, and the oil goes up in 30 minutes, you will earn 80% of the original investment.


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