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Pivot Points Strategy PDF Print E-mail

Pivot points take place when the market direction sees directive shifts for designated day. Pivot Points are typical means of financial trading, but considered as useful signals to boost return on investment.

The most important parameters for Forex traders include: Opening point, Highest point, Lowest point, and Closing point. When there is a possibility of closing point for the trends of the forex market from the day before, Pivot points should be considered important.


Generally, by calculating Resistance Levels, Actual Pivot Points, and Support Levels, Pivot points can be shaped. Traders should not go on trading without having thorough understanding of these points. Usually, traders need to place a position in the market on each specific day comparatively higher than the pivot point.

The advantage of using pivotal points is that because they are relatively stable during the whole day, traders do not have to calculate the pivotal points constantly, and Pivotal points of previous day's data can be very valuable tool for conducting a lucrative trade for the same day.


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